PV Recycling – WEEE obligations and solutions

When the amended directive of the European Parliament and of the council on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE directive) is also becoming binding for all manufacturers and importers of solar and PV modules, the producers will require support in implementing such requirements.


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The study by the bifa environmental institute describes a future-orientated view of the ecological and economic effects of photovoltaic (PV) systems along their whole life cycle.

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Im Mai 2011 hat die Bayerische Staatsregierung die Neuausrichtung der bayerischen Energiepo-litik beschlossen. Früher als geplant steigt Bayern aus der Kernenergie aus und beschleunigt den Ausbau der erneuerbaren Energien. Im Bayerischen Energiekonzept „Energie innovativ“ sind konkrete, realisierbare Schritte und Maßnahmen für einen beschleunigten Umbau der bayerischen Energieversorgung aufgezeigt. Einen wesentlichen Beitrag soll dazu die Photovoltaik leisten, deren Anteil von 8 % in 2011 auf 16 % in 2021 verdoppelt werden soll.

Thin Film, la tecnología de futuro
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La tecnología solar de capa fina está confirmando su lugar en el mercado, las nuevas cifras sugieren que crecerá hasta los 44 mil millones de dólares en todo el mundo para el 2017. Los niveles de facturación de esta tecnología en 2010 fueron de 2,9 mil millones de dólares, esto significa que su tasa de crecimiento es significativa y en un futuro estará impulsada principalmente por la evolución de la utilización de materias primas como el cadmio Telluride (CdTe) y cobre indio galio (di) seleniuro (CIGS), así como por nuevas oportunidades en el campo de la construcción, según un nuevo informe -"Thin Film Solar. Cuotas de mercado, estrategias y pronósticos en el mundo, 2011 a 2017"- realizado por al empresa de EE.UU., Research Wintergreen.

CSP industry - adapt or else
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If you want to have an accurate description of the CSP industry worldwide today, first you must forget everything that you might have read about it over the past few months. The CSP industry is going global in an unprecedented rate and there is no way to understand it by confining its development it to one market only. Make no mistake, despite the difficult times, the industry will persevere through the challenging times ahead… but the companies that do not adapt to its changing nature will not.

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© Editorial OMNIMEDIA S.L. (8/2012)
Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity is at a crossroads. The technology continued its remarkable growth trend in 2011, even in the midst of financial and economic crisis and even as the PV industry was enduring a period of consolidation. But the rapid growth rate that PV markets have shown over the past decade cannot last forever, and the industry has entered a period of uncertainty in the short term. Over the medium and long terms, however, the prospects for continued robust growth are good. The results of 2011 – and indeed the outlook for the next several years – show that under the right policy conditions PV can continue its progress towards competitiveness in key electricity markets and be a mainstream energy source.



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