Integrated management system based on the EFQM model Systematic corporate management

Europipe GmbH, of Ratingen, Germany, produces large-caliber linepipes in high-strength steels, primarily for the construction of gas, oil and water pipelines for high-pressure operation.

Such pipelines are classified as safety-relevant components. For this reason, even decades ago, only companies possessing not only excellent technology but also a highly sophisticated Quality Assurance system had any prospect of success on this market. Even this, now, no longer suffices. Instead, present-day buyers demand from their supplier companies management systems which extend not only to quality, but also to the fields of industrial health and safety, and also environmental protection. The principle of continuous control and management within companies has thus now become an important factor in competition. In the past four years, Europipe has developed such a management system and implemented it within the company.

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